Geotechnical, environmental and geomechanical data management software

Why Geotec?

  • Centralized “Geotec” database with normalized structure
  • Data managed under Oracle, SQL Server, Microsoft Access or SQLite
  • Simple data sharing
  • Customizable graphic outputs independent from projects
  • No programming needed
  • Instant refreshing after data modification
  • Integrated entry forms
  • Quick search of information in the database
  • Bilingual software (English and French)


  • Data entry
    The entry forms are integrated in all Geotec modules.

    • Integrated Google Map with location of borings and sites
    • Data including soil, rock, in situ and laboratory tests, hydrogeology, etc.
    • Query on any field with simple or elaborate criteria
    • Import of CSV data files
    • Production of CSV reports with data retrieved
    • Integrated calculations
    • Conversion of length and depth units
    • Five display modes for entry forms to facilitate data entry
    • Customizable lists of typical values
  • Editing of graphic outputs
    The graphic presentations are saved as style files independent from data.

    • Relationship between graphs and objects with tables and fields from the database
    • Data as texts, histograms, steps, polylines, points, colors, patterns, …
    • Linear, logarithmic or temporal axes with limits, grids, tick marks, labels, …
    • Graph editing including their dimensions, colors, data to present
    • Addition of database-related objects and others
    • Batch printing of reports – on paper or PDF format

Geotec modules

The Geotec suite includes six graphic modules, one management module and a field entry application.

Borehole reports

Laboratory tests

Profile views

Visualization on a plan view

Geotechnical instrumentation

Design of retaining structures

Database management

Field application for borehole data entry