Geotechnical, environmental and geomechanical data management software

Why choose Geotec?

Benefit from a centralized corporate database. Geotec’s table hierarchy is set up to support unlimited number of projects in a single corporate database.  Geotec’s capabilities are developed for MS Access, SQL Server, Oracle and SQLite databases.  View, manage and analyze current and past projects all from a single source.

  • Save everything from raw data to design parameters
  • Integrated Google Maps with location of borings and sites
  • Data entry forms and calculations
  • Modify the design of graphic reports based on company standards and project needs
  • Quick search of information in the database
  • Bilingual software (English and French)
  • Export to AutoCAD

Data entry forms and calculations

The entry forms are available in all Geotec modules – to enter, manage, modify, view and calculate data. The data is saved in the database and can be presented in any type of report.

  • Many integrated calculations
  • Conversion of length and depth units from feet or inches to meters
  • Customizable lists of typical values
  • Search for data with simple or elaborate criteria
  • Import CSV data files directly via our Import tool
  • Produce CSV reports with all data retrieved

Design of graphic outputs

The graphic presentations are independent from data. Saved as style files, they can be reused for any project. Geotec allows you to adjust the design of your reports to reflect company standards and project needs.

  • Customization of the columns linked to specific fields of the database
  • Graphs for laboratory tests
  • Tables linked to multiple fields of the database
  • Editing of graphics dimensions and headings
  • Data presented as texts, histograms, steps, polylines, points, colors, patterns, …
  • Linear, logarithmic or temporal axes with limits, grids, tick marks, labels, …

To preview examples of graphic outputs

Interaction between modules

Geotec modules are all connected to the corporate database. The interaction between the modules allows you to optimize your work including the collection, reports, management, visualization and analysis of the various projects.

Geotab with Log

Collect borehole data on the field via Geotab then view and complete the borehole reports at the office via Log.

Interaction between modules

Lab with Log, Pro and Site

Enter lab measurements to calculate test results and produce reports via Lab. Present these results in boring reports in Log, profile views in Pro or 3D in Site.

Interaction between modules

Log with Pro and Site

Produce the boring reports, then analyze the data via cross-sections. Use GIS tools to visualize projects and create other profile views.

Geotec modules

The Geotec suite includes the Geotab field data entry app, five graphic modules and one database management module.

Field application for data entry

Borehole reports

Laboratory tests

Profile views

Visualization on a plan view

Geotechnical instrumentation

Database management