Pro is used to produce profile views. Create cross-sections to view properties of boreholes projected on an axis.

  • Data entry

Support of axes with radius of curvature

Selection of borings to project depending on distance to axis

Display of offset to the axis

Integration of azimuth and dip in the calculation of boring projections

Entry form for seismic profiles with chainage, elevation and measured velocity

Possibility of displaying borings at equidistance

  • Types of graphic outputs

Location plan of borings and axes and profile view(s)

Representation of geotechnical property(ies) of borings with same special displays as in Log

Superimposed display of seismic profiles with geophone position and measured velocities

Superimposed display of DTM or GRD data terrain models

  • Options for graphic presentation

Presentation on various formats (Letter, Legal, 11×17, A0, etc.)

Customisable X and Y scales for the profiles

Export to AutoCAD (DXF) with each boring as a block and grouping of all blocks

Customizing of the columns to present (link to field in database, width of column, horizontal scale, data display as text, histogram, step, polyline, point, color)

Graphic presentation independent from data and can be reused for any project