DBM is a software for global operations of Geotec database management.

Tasks supported

  • Creation of Geotec databases (Access, Oracle, SQL Server or SQLite)
  • Update of a Geotec database
  • Exportation of data from one Geotec database to another
  • Duplication of a site or boring in a Geotec database
  • Deletion of data from a Geotec database
  • Production of the data dictionary of a Geotec database
  • Comparison of two Geotec databases
  • Content inventory of one or two Geotec databases
  • Calculation of longitudes and latitudes of sites and borings from their coordinates
  • Conversion of depth and length units from the imperial system to the international system or vice versa
  • Repair and compaction of a Geotec database (Access format)