Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring

Visualize and analyze your data

Time is used to monitor piezometry data as a function of time.  You can display piezometric data with different graphic representations in order to optimize analysis.

  • Display piezometric levels or water pressures as a function of time
  • View superimposed data from a nest of piezometers on an unlimited time scale
  • View data from one piezometer with superimposed years
  • Create reports with multiple graphs per page
  • Re-use the graphic presentations, independent from data, for any project

Customize your reports

Time allows customizing of the graphic outputs.

  • Indication of bottom depths of screens
  • Overlay of natural ground elevation to verify overpressures
  • Selection of years to display
  • Modification of time limits to focus on critical periods
  • Discontinuity between measurements based on a specified time interval

Data and calculations

Geotec has entry forms integrated in all modules to enter, modify, consult and delete data. A multitude of calculations are included to obtain results from original measurements.

A piezometric installation can be displayed schematically on a borehole report in Log, on a cross-section with the most recent water level in Pro, or graphically as a function of time with variations of water level or water pressure in Time.

  • Describe well installations, materials and water measurements in the entry forms
  • Calculate piezometric levels and water pressures from readings for hydraulic, pneumatic, vibrating chord piezometers and data loggers
  • Correct data for atmospheric pressures
  • Import data from CSV files
  • Save data automatically in corporate database