Licensing Options

Each license of Geotec can include one or multiple modules. These licensing options are available to best meet your needs.  Licensing requires Internet access.

Types of licenses

Individual License

The individual license can be used on one device only. It is possible to use Geotec through remote desktop connection, but for one user only. The individual license can be moved to another workstation a maximum of 2 times per year.

In other words, the modules purchased are linked to one workstation only.

Removable License

The removable license can be used on one workstation at a time. It remains associated to the workstation until it is deactivated by the user. It then becomes available for another workstation. There is no limit to the number of moves.

In other words, the modules purchased are functional on only one workstation at a time.

Network License

The network license allows access to Geotec from any workstation.  The number of concurrent users corresponds to the number of licenses purchased, per module.  The number of licenses per module can be different.

In other words, by purchasing for example 3 licenses of Log and 2 of Lab, there can be 3 users in Log and 2 in Lab at ay time.

Duration of licenses


The perpetual purchase gives you access to the software for an unlimited period, the license belonging to you. To keep your software up to date and to have access to technical support, we recommend renewing the GeoPlus contract annually. New perpetual licenses included the GeoPlus contract for one year.


The subscription allows the use of the software for a period of one month to one year, after which you will no longer have access to the software. The GeoPlus contract is included for the duration of the subscription.

Geotab Application

Geotab works with shared licenses where the number of concurrent licenses correspond to the number of shared licenses purchased monthly or annually. A usercode and a password are used to activate a license for a period of one day up to one month at once.

License Agreements

EULA for Geotec

EULA for Geotab