The purchase price of Geotec depends on the module and licence type.

SoftwareIndividual (Month)Individual (Year)USB**Network
Geotab: Field application for borehole data entry79695
Log: Borehole reports 999951,9952,995
Lab: Laboratory tests999951,9952,995
Pro: Profile views999951,9952,995
Site: Visualization on a plan view999951,9952,995
Time: Geotechnical instrumentation393957951,995
Dam: Design of retaining structures999951,9952,995
DBM*: Database management29295595895
BundlesIndividual (Month)Individual (Year)USB**Network
EXP: Log, Lab, Pro, Site & DBM3243,2456,4959,745
DESIGN: Dam, Pro, Site & DBM2492,4954,9957,495
GOLD: All 7 software (Geotab not included)3993,9957,99511,995

All prices are in Canadian dollars and exclude applicable taxes.
Distance half-day workshop included with the purchase of a one-year individual, USB or network licence.

* One DBM licence included for free with every first purchase.
** Additional 100$ fee per USB key for shipping and handling charges.