Data visualization on plan view and 3D modeling

View and analyze your data

Site is used to view and locate sites, borings and axes on a 2D plan view with Google Maps and topographic maps. With Site, you can prepare investigation campaigns and create 3D data terrain models.

  • Plan view showing sites, borings and axes over topographic map
  • Plan view on Google Maps
  • Representation of borings properties in 3D
  • Production of IGES files for CATIA
  • Export of borings points in DXF format
  • Supported files: AutoCAD .dxf, Global Mapper .dem, cartographic .sit, contours .ctr, Surfer .grd, terrain models .dtm, kriged .k2d, triangulated .tin, IGES .igs
  • Re-use the graphic presentations, independent from data, for any project

Geotechnical data

  • Launch other modules via the plan view to query a site, boring or axis
  • Display specific information under each boring point
  • Symbols representative of types of borings and axes
  • Interactive creation of axes and borings
  • Interactive creation of rectangular or polygonal limits for data selection
  • Support of OpenGL mode for cylinders of geotechnical properties
  • Preparation and cost estimate of campaigns
  • Estimate of rock surface based on borehole information

Site mapping and modeling

  • Interactive editing of cartographic entities
  • Maps editing as to the data domain
  • Layer management of a cartographic file
  • Operations of kriging and triangulation
  • Creation of data terrain models (DTM) from kriged or triangulated files
  • Mathematical operations on DTMs
  • Calculation of isovalue contours
  • Volume calculation by elevation or between two surfaces