Site is used for data visualization on a plan view. Locate and query sites, borings and axes on Google Map and topographic maps, prepare investigation campaigns and create 3D data terrain models.

  • Geotechnical data

Launch other modules via the plan view to query a site, boring or axis

Display specific information under each boring point

Symbols representative of types of borings and axes

Interactive creation of axes and borings

Interactive creation of rectangular or polygonal limits for data selection

Support of OpenGL mode for cylinders of geotechnical properties

Preparation and cost estimate of campaigns

Estimate of rock surface based on borehole information

  • Site mapping and modeling

Interactive editing of cartographic entities

Maps editing as to the data domain

Layer management of a cartographic file

Operations of kriging and triangulation

Creation of data terrain models (DTM) from kriged or triangulated files

Mathematical operations on DTMs

Calculation of isovalue contours

Volume calculation by elevation or between two surfaces

  • Options for graphic presentation

Plan view showing sites, borings and axes over topographic map

Plan view on Google Maps

Representation of borings properties in 3D

Production of IGES files for CATIA

Export of borings points in DXF format

Supported files: AutoCAD .dxf, Global Mapper .dem, cartographic .sit, contours .ctr, Surfer .grd, terrain models .dtm, kriged .k2d, triangulated .tin, IGES .igs

Graphic presentation independent from data and can be reused for any project