Our videos are designed to help you learn more about the various features of Geotec.

Getting Started

Introduction to Log

Duration – 6:00

Describes the basic functionalities of the Log module for the production of borehole reports.

Introduction to Pro

Duration – 5:32

Describes the basic functionalities of the Pro module for the production of cross-sections, including the creation of the axis and the options for the visual report.

Introduction to Geotab

Duration – 7:31

Describes the basic functionalities of the Geotab application for borehole data entry on the field.


Adding a grain size analysis in Geotec

Duration – 5:33

Explains how to define sieving methods in Geotec and how to add measurements from a grain size analysis done in the laboratory.

Feature Highlights

Projection of seismic lines in Pro

Duration – 4:35

Presents a feature in the Pro module to project seismic line data onto profile views.

Rock mechanics

Duration – 4:35

Describes the quantitative calculations for rock mechanics integrated in Geotec.


License Activation

Duration – 4:53

Presents the activation of a Geotec license.

Client Dashboard

Duration – 2:50

Presents the Client Dashboard on Sobek’s website for management of Geotec and Geotab license information at any time.