Release of Geotec 8.104

Geotec has been updated with the following improvements, modifications and fixes. We recommend that you update to Geotec 8.104.

  • Addition of an update tool for registry values (for technical support if needed)
  • Correction to the translation of table and field names if saved in the wrong language
  • Correction when retrieving data of type MEMO (more than 255 characters) in SQL Server
  • Correction during the update of table PROCTOR_POINT when adding field I_POINT
  • DBM: Addition of a confirmation message before data transfers
  • Pro:
    • MTM projections onto an axis defined in longitude / latitude
    • Correction to the initial calculation of the vertical scale (Y axis of profile) following a query
  • Lab:
    • No display of SPEC list in “saved” mode
    • Correction when opening the combination window
  • Graphic editing
    • Correction to the display of calculated fields (background and font colors)
    • Deletion of Datasheet+ and Columnar+ modes
  • Additional protection against massive destruction of data from a table