Dam is used for the design and optimization of earth and rockfill retaining structures. Calculate costs and volumes of water retaining dams and of tailing dams based on various design parameters.

  • Design

Use Geotec entry form for each input data (reservoir, foundation, axis, geometry, …)

Customized unit costs for cut and fill materials

Normalized typical sections applicable to multiple projects

Design criteria to define the components

  • Calculations

Calculation of cut and fill volumes per material

Calculation of foundation treatment surfaces

Calculation of costs per material

Production of detailed reports of quantities and costs based on chainage or elevation

Production of dam embankment as well as filled and excavated terrain model

  • Options for graphic presentation

Display of two cross sections at selected chainages

Display of a plan view from .dxf, .sit or .ctr files

Display of a longitudinal section

Integration of data terrain models

Graphic presentation independent from data and can be reused for any project