Geotec and Geotab version 8.11.6

Geotec 8.11.6

Geotec has been updated with several improvements, modifications and fixes including the following. See the release history

  • Entry forms:
    • Addition of automatic creation of layers from samples
    • Support of colors and patterns for ranges of numerical values (ex: color X for RQD of 0 to 20)
    • Addition of fields Type and Method in the Boring methods entry form (CASING table)
  • Log:
    • Ability to display the depths of samples only, sub-samples only, or samples and sub-samples, via the “Series” of the DEPTH curve
    • Support of vertical texts without “word wrap”
  • Pro:
    • Correction after unchecking borings for those that were not visible on the plan view
    • Automatic creation of LIST_BORINGS group after a data query to be able to display information about the borings in a table
  • DBM:
    • Addition of a few grain size specifications, sieving methods and hydrometer calibrations only if the corresponding box is checked
  • SKM:
    • Modification of the access to the Geotab licence database (to avoid port 1433)
    • Addition of current user in the Geotab tab (can be modified with admin password)
  • Graphics:
    • Correction when refreshing the graphic report when adding a new record


Geotab 8.11.6

The Geotab application on Android was updated with the following improvements. See the release history

  • Modification of the access to the license database (to avoid port 1433)
  • Addition of current user in the licence activation window
  • Correction when creating layers from samples to take into account the maximum diameter
  • Automatic update of databases: addition of fields TYPE and METHOD (CASINGS tab)