Geotec and Geotab version 8.11.0

Geotec 8.11.0

Geotec has been updated with the following improvements, modifications and fixes.

  • Several additions to the soil description matrix, including:
    • Soil category
    • % of cobbles, boulders, organic matter and debris
    • List of debris
    • Grin size, gradation and grain shape
    • Density or consistency, plasticity
    • Carbonate content and oxidation state
  • Samples and sub-samples:
    • Selection of sample state when adding a new sample
    • Automatic numbering based on previous sample
    • Automatic length and type based on state
    • Addition of sub-samples via “Add a sub-sample” button
    • Addition of various properties specific to a sample or sub-sample
  • Laboratory tests:
    • Additions in hydrometer form to support the control solution, the meniscus correction and 3 calculation methods for the dry mass
    • Support of 5 mm normalizing correction and stone percentage correction (20 mm) for Proctor test
    • Calculation from raw data for natural water content, plastic limit, Casagrande liquid limit and Swedish cone liquid limit
  • Style files:
    • Display of descriptive symbol of samples
    • Support of bold, italic, underline and UPPERCASE for the soil category, main material and secondary material of samples and layers
  • Addition of new types of drop-down lists, applicable by field, in particular to concatenate values or descriptions
  • Addition of a red color to show modified fields, before saving
  • Addition of elev() function to get the elevation of a DEPTH in the database
  • Addition of a right-click menu to directly edit the format and type of drop-down list, to protect the field or to freeze it


Geotab 8.11.0

The Geotab application on Android was updated with the following improvements.

  • Additions to the soil description matrix like in Geotec
  • Additions to sample and sub-sample management like in Geotec
  • Additions to style files like in Geotec, as well as support of Color and Pattern display types
  • Addition of new types of drop-down lists like in Geotec
  • Addition of a drop-down list editor
  • Addition of several functionalities through the Long press