Geotec and Geotab version 8.105

Geotec 8.105

Geotec has been updated with the following improvements, modifications and fixes.

  • Pro: correction when exporting to AutoCAD to the filled symbols identifying the borings
  • Selection of graphs 200 and tables 300 with the mouse in the preview area of the graph and curve editing windows
  • DBM: removal of two tasks: unit conversion and longitude/latitude calculation


Geotab 8.105

The Geotab application on Android was updated with the following improvements.

  • Export: Selection of files modified since previous export and / or manual selection of files
  • Saving the Android ID in the tablet
  • Addition of a save message when exiting the sketch window
  • Use of default Android buttons for file replacement window
  • Adjustment to the permissions to access external files for Android 11