Discover our five graphic modules dedicated to the exploration, design or construction phases of a project


For graphic borehole reports. Log is used to represent geotechnical, environmental and geomechanical properties measured in a boring with depth.
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For laboratory tests. Lab is used to input raw data for quality control tests on aggregates, and to calculate and produce reports for the various tests.
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For profile views. Pro is used to represent, with chainage, properties of borings projected on an axis as well as rock properties observed during tunnel construction.
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For data visualization on a plan view. Site is used to locate projects, borings and axes on Google Map and topographic maps and facilitates the preparation of investigation campaigns.
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For geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring. Time is used to monitor piezometry data over time. Inclinometers and settlement profilers will soon be supported.
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For the management of Geotec databases. Dbm is used for global data management, including data transfers to or from collaborators.
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Below are some of our clients.


The Geotec Log software from Sobek is, in our opinion, the gold standard for borehole logging software. Metro Testing and Engineering switched from gINT to...

Hendrik Voelker
Engineer-In-Training, Geotechnical Division
Metro Testing + Engineering
Sobek Technologies offers impeccable customer service. The employees strive to find the best solution to the problems that arise during a project. The Geotec...
Sébastien Veillette
Survey technician / Drafting technician
Groupe ABS
What I appreciate the most about Geotec is the great versatility of the application. Being able to keep our geotechnical, geological and environmental data in...
Benoît Thibaudeau, senior technician
Supervisor - Drafting team
Englobe Corp
Geotec simplifies the tasks of data management and data output. In our field, we have to manage a mass of data about borings. With Geotec, once the data are...
Audrey Boucher
Drafting technician and Manager of applications
Geotec is a very powerful software that easily adapts to our different needs and to the various requirements of our clients. The customer service is...
Dominic Tremblay, Eng., M.A.Sc.
Director of Special Projects – Mining Environment


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