Release of Geotec 8.097

Geotec has been updated with the following improvements, modifications and fixes. We recommend that you update to Geotec 8.097.

  • Correction when closing the deletion confirmation message with X (DBM)
  • Time:
    • Modifiable alignment and identification for the natural ground elevation (horizontal line)
    • Modifiable alignment for the bottom depth of each filter (groups of piezometers)
    • Display of shallowest to deepest piezometer in a boring (several graphs per page)
    • Correction to the automatic Y axis for several graphs per page
    • Improvement of the use of markers for point data
  • Addition of depth calculation corrected based on a reference other than the natural ground
  • Detection of contours with Google map (Site)
  • Correction to the naming of PDF files produced with the Parent boring option (Log)
  • Correction when batch printing with the Parent boring option (Log)