Release of Geotec 8.095

Geotec has been updated with the following improvements, modifications and fixes. We recommend that you update to Geotec 8.095.

  • Correction when displaying field OXIDATION_DEPTH_BOTTOM (Log)
  • Time:
    • Display of natural ground elevation with a horizontal line
    • Display of bottom depth of each filter (for groups of piezometers)
    • Display of several graphs per page with one piezometer per graph
    • Adjustment of axes limits (for critical periods)
    • Addition of a maximum interval between measurements (in days)
  • Calculation of Pc and Pc max based on MTQ method (LC22-301 standard) (Lab)
  • For exports, addition of a preview to view the number of records read, inserted and modified per table before executing the export (DBM)
  • Automatic printing in Landscape when the page width is greater than its height
  • Correction when creating IGS files for borings without coordinates (Site)
  • Geotec database:
    • Addition of FILE_NAME field in BORING_TYPE table
    • Addition of METHOD field in CONSOLIDATION table
    • Addition of GAP field in PIEZOMETER table