Annual Contract

Sobek offers an annual technical support and maintenance contract that gives access to all Geotec updates, minor and major, as well as unlimited technical support.

Why purchase the Annual Contract?

  • Access to the latest Geotec updates.
  • Unlimited technical support.
  • Geotec licensing and installation support.
  • No additional fee when a new version is released.

How does the Annual Contract work?

  • Valid for 12 months beginning at the date of purchase of Geotec.
  • Renewable every year.
  • All software updates released while your contract is valid will work.
  • Sobek provides a new licence file or an update code for your USB key at renewal.

What happens if I do not renew my Annual Contract?

  • Your existing version of Geotec will continue to work. Updates released after your contract expires will not work.
  • Technical support is provided at an additional fee.

How much does the Annual Contract cost?

  • One year of Annual Contract is about 20% of the purchase price.
  • The Annual Contract is included for free the first year following purchase.

Do I have to purchase the Annual Contract?

  • No, the Annual Contract is optional.
  • An expired contract can be reactivated by paying the annual contract fees that were missed, to a maximum of 80% of the price of a new licence.

What is considered as technical support?

Technical support includes assistance to users for the normal use of Geotec. Support is mainly given by phone, email or remote access software.

  • Answers to precise questions regarding Geotec operations.
  • Assistance during the installation of Geotec.
  • Minor modifications to a style file.
  • Minor corrections or modifications to SQL views.

What is considered as maintenance?

Maintenance includes all minor fixes as well as major versions.

  • Modifications to the graphic interface to enhance the user friendliness of the modules.
  • Corrections of calculation or operation errors.
  • Support of new Windows versions.
  • Addition to the data dictionary of tables or fields with impacts on treatment functions.
  • Addition of functions to an existing module.
  • Improvement of algorithms.